A Formula Style Street Legal One Seater Electric or Hybrid Kit Car ... with a New Name: Update

Pre-orders for Predator's PC010 ST Egoista's EM01 Stradale are available for as low as $10,000.
Pre-orders for Predator's PC010 ST Egoista's EM01 Stradale are available for as low as $10,000.
Predator's Ltd. Egoista Motors

UPDATE, DEC. 9, 2:59 P.M.: The Italian company taking pre-orders on a street-legal, formula-style, one-seat, electric or hybrid kit car have already changed the name of the company and the car. (See the letter on the next page.)

Thanks for your interest in PC010 ST! Due to a last minute logistical change, we've updated our company and product name on our crowdfunding campaign.

All aspects of the project remain the same, but instead of Predator's, we are releasing the car as Egoista Motors.

The car name has also changed from PC010 ST to EM01 Stradale.

Here is the link to the live campaign:


Here is our Facebook page:


Please let me know if you have questions!

Best, Marco Collini

ORIGINAL POST, DEC. 9, 7:34 A.M.: An Italian company is taking pre-orders on a street-legal, formula-style, one-seat kit car available fully electric or in a hybrid version.

Reggio Emilia, Italy-based Predator's Ltd., which bills itself as a developer of Formula One race cars, believes its PC010 ST will give every-day drivers a chance to experience the thrill of these vehicles (within posted speed limits, one presumes).

Speaking of that, the company claims its new cars can go 0 to 60 mph in three seconds flat and exceed speeds of 180 mph. A stainless-steel roll bar will protect drivers in a high speed rollover, Predator's adds.

"Racing is a passion of mine, and these cars are part of my identity," says Predator's co-founder Luca Fazzi in the announcement of an Indiegogo campaign for potential buyers. "Working on developing the prototype for this car was so exciting for me because now we can share our passion with a much wider community."

* Formula one style vehicle to be 100% street legal internationally
* 0-60 mph in 3 seconds
* More than 180 MPH
* Li-Ion battery / Hybrid Engine, up to 280 miles autonomy
* 100% electric and hybrid versions available

Here's what it may look like to drive one:

Upcoming Events

The Indiegogo campaign runs today through Feb. 1, 2015, and aims to raise $100,000. "Backers can expect delivery of PC010 ST by June 2015," says Predator's. Interested? Check out:

Campaign Preview: http://bit.ly/12vS6Es Website: http://www.motorvalley.com/competition/predator-s.html Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Predators-PC010-ST/869335546419539

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