A Doctor, A Parking Garage, Cocaine and Sex: Orange County's Real Life B Movie
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A Doctor, A Parking Garage, Cocaine and Sex: Orange County's Real Life B Movie

​A Laguna Hills endocrinologist recently had his medical license restricted as his criminal case still lingers in the courts. 

A criminal case for what? Oh, you know, he allegedly had sex and did some blow in a parking garage near the hospital where he works. When a security guard roamed the parking structure on April 26 he noticed a vehicle, which was backed in to the parking spot, that looked out of place, said Lt. Steve Doan, chief of police services for Laguna Hills. 

The security guard approached the car and saw Dr. Alan Ogden Marcus and Amanda Aguirre inside. The guard asked them if they were alright and they said, 'yes' so he left," Doan said.

The security guard returned a while later and saw the car in the same spot. "He told them, 'Hey, you know, you need to leave," but they didn't respond, so he called the sheriff," Doan said.

The sheriff found cocaine in the car, he said, adding that "based on the lack of dress, it was apparent that they had been having sex in the car."  Both Marcus and Aguirre, who told the sheriff she was a physician's assistant, were arrested and booked into the Orange County jail, Doan said. 

According to the state's superior court website, both were charged with three violations of the law -- unlawful possession of controlled substance, being under the influence of a controlled substance and lewd conduct in a public place. They both pleaded not guilty to all charges on Aug. 12, according to the court website. Their pre-trial hearings are scheduled for Oct. 6. 

Until his case is resolved, there's a court order restricting his medical license. Based on the restrictions, Marcus must abstain from the possession or use of drugs, unless they're prescribed to him by another doctor for a "bona fide illness or condition," and he has to submit urine everyday for drug testing. If any drugs are found in his system, or if he ditches testing, he'll have to stop practicing medicine while his case is still pending. A call to South Orange County Endocrinology, where Marcus works, hasn't been returned yet.


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