79-Year-Old Arrested for Kicking Cop in the Nuts (Twice) Threatens to File Civil Rights Complaint

Remember that "78-Year-Old Man Arrested for Kicking Cop in the Nuts (Twice)" in October?

Two things:

1) He's 79.

b. He claims to be the victim of "horrible injustice," that he "was treated like an animal" and that he will file seek "justice" via a federal civil rights complaint.
Mong Kim Tran and his family held a news conference today in his attorney's Little Saigon office.

"It is painful for me physically, but more so emotionally," a tearful Tran said while Orange County Register reporter Deepa Bharath feverishly scratched a notepad.

Tran denies that he even tried to kick the officer who stopped him on suspicion of speeding near Garden Grove Hospital on Oct. 28. His family wants the Garden Grove Police Department to conduct an internal investigation.

The cops won't comment on a pending case. Their side of the story is in our previous post. But here's what the Orange County District Attorney's office says: Tran is up on one count each of misdemeanor assault and battery.

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