78-Year-Old Man Arrested for Kicking Cop in the Nuts (Twice)

The unidentified officer/victim using a hand-held Laser Radar gun stopped a speeding vehicle near Garden Grove Boulevard and Palm Avenue in Garden Grove shortly after 11:30 a.m. Wednesday. Police say that when the officer approached the vehicle, the elderly driver and lone occupant became agitated over being stopped.

According to the Garden Grove Police Department narrative: 

The driver was was asked to stay in his vehicle but refused to do so. First, he got out of his car, in the lanes of traffic, to retrieve his drivers license. After being told to sit down inside his car and wait for the officer, the driver complied for a few moments but got out of his car in traffic again and approached the officer with his vehicle registration.

The officer convinced the man to step to the curb out of traffic for both of their safety, but when he was told he was receiving a citation for speeding and was asked to sign the ticket, he allegedly told the officer, "I don't believe you—I am from Vietnam."

The officer showed the old man his radar gun, which allegedly showed a speed of 52 mph in a zone with a 35 mph posted speed limit. Police say the driver then became more agitated, stepped within three inches of the officer's face and began screaming. The officer told gramps to back away—but the AARP member instead took a fighting stance, according to police.

And it was then the Matlock viewer struck the officer twice with a closed fist, once in the chest and once in the shoulder according to the police report. The officer is said to have  pushed his attacker back, dropping his citation book and radar gun in the process. It was then the soft food chewer kicked the copper in the groin, police say. The officer then grabbed the possible Depends wearer, taking him to the ground to prevent any further assault, the report states.

But while on the ground being handcuffed, the pre-television rememberer remained combative. He was allowed to sit on the curb while paramedics responded and other officers arrived to help contain the gray threat. It was then he was observed standing up and kicking the officer again in the family jewels, according to the narrative.

Finally, the other cops chipped in to help restrain the one-old-man wrecking crew. Others helped assist the aching officer.

The driver, Mong Kim Tran, sustained minor facial and wrist abrasions and, because of his age, he was taken to a local hospital as a precaution. Perhaps contemplating a future lawsuit, the police report states, "At no time did Tran lose consciousness in the presence of the officers, paramedics or doctors who treated him."

Tran was treated and released from the hospital and arrested on suspicion of assault and battery on a police officer and he was also cited for speeding. Normally, the more serious charge would earn an arrestee a trip to Orange County Jail for booking. Due to Tran's age, the officer decided to release him from the hospital on a citation.

Showing such mercy after getting kicked twice in the balls may be the most amazing part of this story.  


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