5 Fun Facts in Leaked Angels Documents

Tommy Craggs is having a helluva time revealing the financial secrets of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in "MLB Confidential" on Deadspin.com, thanks to leaked documents team officials have confirmed are the real deal.

Major League Baseball and Angels' VP of Communications Tim Mead are not amused, talking investigations, legal action and stringing up by the balls with the Los Angeles Times.

But inquiring minds wanna know: What's the big deal? Here are five favorite revelations. Play ball!

Arte Moreno (right) poses with a fan, who may or may not have then been offered an ownership interest.
Arte Moreno (right) poses with a fan, who may or may not have then been offered an ownership interest.
Wikipedia Commons photo by Jodi Miller

A previously unknown third minority owner is revealed in the documents. They are "the Popes," which apparently is not the Vatican but a family who purchased a limited partnership interest of 2% for $3.45 million in January 2006. Team officials have since disclosed the Popes were associates of owner Arte Moreno.


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The team's net playoff revenue was $9.4 million in 2009, when they advanced to the American League Championship Series and hosted five playoff games at Angel Stadium.
By comparison, they earmed $3.23 million in net playoff revenue in '08, when they hosted two playoff games.

Overall, the Angels generated a net income of $10.7 million last year and $7.08 million in 2008.

See, Arte, winning pays.

5 Fun Facts in Leaked Angels Documents

Deferred compensation for "one player" was $423,000 in 2009 and $441,000 in '08. If that "one player" was for a slugger tearing it up for another team, I'm gonna scream. Player commitments through 2012: $179 million--and still no big bat!

Welcome to the Cactus League.
Welcome to the Cactus League.
Oregon State University Archives

The Angels are stuck in their Tempe, Arizona, training facility through 2025, with options for two five-year leases after that. Facility costs were $667,000 in '09 and $706,000 in '08. Wonder how much of that was spent on sunscreen?

Full house
Full house

The Angels are stuck in Anaheim Stadium through 2029 and must pay the city a $2 surcharge for each paid admission over 2,600. This translated to $1.793 million in 2009 and $1.796 million in '08. However, the documents do not mention those five primo parking spaces each Anaheim City Council member gets near the entrance to the Big A.

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