5 Fun Facts About Mom-from-Hell Jill Easter

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Irvine's Jillianne Bjorkholm Easter is an admitted false imprisoner (imprisoness?) and, according to the defense attorney for her estranged husband and fellow attorney Kent Wycliffe Easter, a ball-busting adulterer who ordered her wimpy groom to make a false call to police about a PTA mom at their son's Irvine elementary school. Thanks to the trials of the 40-year-old Easters the past two weeks, we're learning more about this special couple, including the five fun Jillianne facts after the jump ...

Kent Wycliffe Easter Portrayed as Spineless Husband and Wife as Drug Planter by Defense

Kent Wycliffe Easter, Irvine's Father From Hell, Has 2 Counts Dropped in Drug-Planting Case

1) The pettiness of her beef

5 Fun Facts About Mom-from-Hell Jill Easter

The Easters' March 2010 lawsuit against Kelli Peters, who had the drugs planted in her car, was based on the well-known school volunteer and PTA president locking their son, then a first grader, out of Plaza Vista School for less than 20 minutes. (The case was dismissed.)

2) Jill tried to make Peters seem like the crazy one

Jill Easter in court
Jill Easter in court

Easter sought a restraining order against Peters, claiming the school mom was psychotic and unstable. Mirror, mirror, on the wall ...

3) I mean really crazy

Kelli Peters
Kelli Peters
Photo by Bill Peters

Jill alleged Peters harassed her son, would "stop at nothing to silence" him and had told other parents he was psychotic and unstable. There certainly seemed to be a lot of psychosis and unstability going on. 4) Jill accused Peters of stalking ... and worse

Easter does the wave.
Easter does the wave.

The restraining order request, which was denied (naturally), accused Peters of having stalked Easter and of even threatening to kill her.

5) Jill is only slightly lower class than this video

The promotional book trailer for Jill's "thriller"

Holding House

, under her pen name Ava Bjork, has an MMA fighter discovering the perfect crime--something that's obviously eluded the Easters so far. (Hat tip to the

Daily Mail


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