4-Year-Old Boy Takes Mom's Car on Wild Ride Before Crashing and Injuring Himself

A 4-year-old boy took his mother's car on a wild ride through nearly a mile of Fullerton Thursday afternoon, sideswiping another vehicle, crossing into oncoming traffic and rolling the car before slamming into trees.

The unidentified child suffered minor to moderate injuries after the crash around 4 p.m., Fullerton Police say.

The boy's 27-year-old mother stopped in a parking lot to use a phone near the Summit House restaurant, just long enough for her son to climb out of his car seat, get behind the wheel and plop the car into gear.

He then drove out of the parking lot--during rush hour traffic, mind you--and onto southbound State College Boulevard, where he sideswiped the other vehicle. His car rolled over and landed on its wheels, but the boy managed to continue driving before hitting some trees near  Yorba Linda Boulevard, according to police.


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