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Rachelle Shalom Visconte Among OC's Four Latest Disbarred Attorneys

At least Rachelle Shalom Visconte has this going for her: She is not the most infamous ex-Orange County attorney who graduated from UC Berkeley's Boalt Hall School of Law. That dishonor goes to Jill Easter. But Visconte did give ol' Jillianne Jill Ava Eva Bjorkholm Bjork Everheart Easter a run for her funny money.

Visconte, 45, of Rancho Santa Margarita, was disbarred by the State Bar Court of California in February for having been convicted of seven misdemeanor criminal counts in two separate matters that showed moral turpitude and warranting disbarment.

In January 2012, authorities responding to a forgery call from a check cashing business discovered Visconte trying to cash a $1,300 check from Sunset Mortgage that the company had no record of issuing. She was arrested, later convicted and sentenced to a year in jail that she never showed up to serve.

Police responding to a call at a residence in December 2013 found Visconte with syringes, a narcotic pill and a Fentanyl patch. The attorney denied these belonged to her, but when the officers asked her to pull up her sleeves, they found fresh needle marks. She would later cop to misdemeanor narcotics and paraphernalia counts and pay restitution. She would also receive a 180-day in jail sentence for the drug and forgery cases to be served concurrently.

The State Bar Court of California disbarred Visconte and these OC attorneys in February:

- Dean Robert Kitano, 64, of Santa Ana, for failing to report a fraud conviction, making false representations, seeking to mislead a judge or financial officer and engaging in acts involving moral turpitude tied to ripping off his partner in the ING Radiology Medical Center in Long Beach that they created.

-Robert G. Scurrah Jr., 69, of Tustin, for not filing a declaration of compliance from a prior suspension for collecting upfront fees in nine loan modification issues, a violating consumer protection law.

-Lawrence Allan Moy, 50, of Irvine, for misconduct in five personal injury cases, including one where he misappropriated $33,333 in settlement funds in his client’s trust account and failed to give him an accounting of $50,000 in settlement proceeds.

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