Sheriff Hugs Mafia Associate in Newport Beach Bar
Sheriff Hugs Mafia Associate in Newport Beach Bar

30 Actual Excuses To Shield Ex-Sheriff Mike Carona From Punishment

Yesterday, federal judge Andrew Guilford said he was disgusted by Mike Carona's willingness as Orange County sheriff to sabotage a grand jury's corruption investigation by convincing a potential key witness to lie about bribery and secret gifts. Guilford handed Carona a prison sentence of 5.5 years and ordered him to pay a $125,000 fine. But before that happened Carona's Alice in Wonderland fan club supplied written reasons the disgraced ex-sheriff (who also spent countless hours cheating on his wife while on-duty) should not be punished for betraying the public trust. Here is a sampling of 30 submitted to the judge:

"It was a joy to be in his company as his social skills were something to watch and learn from." -Charleen Rangel

"Regardless of the challenges we face as a people, I am unwilling to allow the pawl of our global problems to overshadow the needs of one man . . . a simple man . . . truly the personification of the American Dream."  --Thomas Banks

"Sheriff Carona helped my husband remove the front end of a van that had hit a water valve cement barrier near the back of the event tent." -Margit Aaron

"My son Brendan and their son Matthew have both played football at Orange Lutheran High School . . . I have seen Mr. Carona act in the utmost professional manner in both his official capacity as sheriff as well as on a personal level." -Douglas R. Circle

"He is a person and deserves mercy like any one of us." -John D. Vaughan

"I am an executive with long hair and a goat tee, but he highly regarded me for my work and positive leadership, thus recommending me to be on the Sheriff Advisory Council." -Vance Lommen

"A contentious election and the media demanded a scandal  . . ." -Christine Murray

"The few times that I spoke with Mike directly I felt his passion for this community and its people as well as for keeping America safe." -Boaz Shonfeld

"Michael Carona is a man of his word." -Rick A. Caporale

"I am appalled by the waste of government time, resources and tax dollars that were expended in pursuing this case." -Christine Lovell

"Let us not forget the endless days and very long nights he spent away from his home and family in Washington and in California during his term of duty as sheriff, that helped to protect the people of Orange County, and especially to protect their children, and his continued effort to help protect the security of the United States." -Dr. Richard Schulze

"Mr. Carona is a man with strong religious belief . . . He is a family man, dedicated to his wife and son." -Steve Bishop

"[Matthew] has learned things about his father that have been difficult for him." -Susan Challen
  "He is a natural at speaking to crowds and, when asked to speak, draws many more people to a function." - Brian Hews

"They have had to endure the awful gossip, the press, which in my opinion was all very negative." -Nancy Belasco

"Both Mike and Debbie could always be seen at Matt's soccer games, cheering and beaming with pride and rightly so." -Gayle Kaplan

"Mike personally made numerous calls over several years to potential donors to encourage them to support the Hispanic Education Endowment Fund." -Ruben A. Smith

" . . . We have found Mike to be an outstanding individual with strong moral values  . . ." -Steve and Toni Newhouse

"He would rather hike up a trail, and then sit back with friends and enjoy a conversation, than mingle and rub elbows at a high profile function." -Valerie Goldstein

"His vivacious personality and ebullient nature has always been a breath of fresh air." -Dr. Reza Karkia

"As his pastor, I have spent time with Mike in dialogue and prayer." -Timothy M. Klinkenberg

"He spoke enthusiastically on our behalf and encouraged friends within the Orange County community to attend and support our signature event, Fight Night." -Priscilla Marconi

"Although we all, unfortunately, have human flaws, my knowledge of Mike's character has always indicated a godly man." -Sandy Otsuji

"I cannot imagine a more suitable representative for law enforcement." -Wolfgang Christoph

"I have three sons who were at a tender age during their father's illness and his final demise. I sought Sheriff Carona's advice on what I might do to lessen their grief. He gently said that they will recover and become better and stronger because of their challenges." -S. Irene Matz

"In my opinion, George Jaramillo and Don Haidl were not good people and Mike's association with them has unfortunately caused him to be painted with the same brush." -Tom Twellman

"It was him that gave me the faith I had lost with law enforcement." -Kenny Wu

"Unfortunately so much of [Carona's] very solid and enviable record has been minimized in the process and the tabloid media's sensational reportage." -Richard A. Varner

"The unethical conduct by prosecutors should not be rewarded . . . " -Elaine Skinner

"I believe Mike in his darkest hour has acted honorably." -Simon Semaan

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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