2nd Mistrial in Case Against Volleyball Coach Accused of Giving Sexy Massage to Girl Player

A mistrial has been declared in the trial against a 36-year-old male Sacramento Christian high school teacher and girls volleyball coach who was accused of touching a 17-year-old girl's forehead with his penis, pushing her sweatpants and underwear down and lifting her bra.

Minh Anh Nguyen, who was charged with one misdemeanor count of child annoyance, could have received a year in jail if convicted.

The events that led to the charges were said to have occurred in a Santa Ana hotel while Sacramento's Christian Brothers High School was in Orange County for a Dec. 5 championship volleyball game at UC Irvine.

Nguyen was giving the volleyball player an athletic massage in her room about 10:20 p.m. Dec. 4 when the incident occurred, according to prosecutors.

But the jury failed to reach a verdict Monday and a mistrial was declared. A previous jury had failed to reach a verdict July 22 and a mistrial was declared in that trial as well.

Nguyen is due in court Nov. 17 for a pretrial hearing on the third effort by the Orange County District Attorney's Office to secure a conviction.


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