Elkins: Meth made me do it!
Elkins: Meth made me do it!

2 OC Gangsters + Meth + Paranoia + Knife = ?

Near decapitation.

--John Robert Elkins was just 20 years old when he smoked methamphetamine with another Orange County hoodlum in June 2006 and then went cruising on Imperial Boulevard in La Habre. The pleasant part of the ride ended when Elkins, who was sitting in the back seat, leaned forward and used a large knife to nearly decapitate the vehicle's 27-year-old driver, John Fisher. Police found a horrific mess: a dead Fisher sitting in an upright position behind the wheel with the engine running. In hopes of overturning his subsequent murder conviction and 31 years to life prison sentence, Elkins argued on appeal that smoking meth everyday for six weeks leading up to the killing had rendered him legally incapacitated. Illegal drug use had caused him to hear imaginary voices and fear that Fisher intended to kill him first. This week, a California Court of Appeal based in Santa Ana told Elkins tough luck. They rejected his excuse.


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