18-Year-Old Man, OC Homicide No. 38: Stabbed in Knife Fight at House Party

A house party was raging in the 300 block of West Bush Street in Anaheim just after midnight Sunday when things turned ugly.

A fight broke out. Knives were whipped out. Much mayhem ensued.

Two young men bolted out of the home and collapsed in a nearby alley. Both were 18. Both had been stabbed.

One, from Anaheim, had taken a blade to his stomach. He was picked up by his buddies and taken to Western Medical Center in his hometown. His injuries were later reported to be serious but not life-threatening.

No such luck for the other stabbing victim.

Police arrived at West Bush Street to find a large crowd of partgoers streaming out of the fight house. Officers were directed to the alley.

The other stabbing victim, from Orange, was still lying there with stab wounds to his chest. He was not breathing.

He was rushed to UCI Medical Center in Orange, where he was later pronounced dead.

Other than saying both victims were gang members, police did not identify them.

The fight was gang-related, police believe.


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