15-Year-Old Girl Has Quite a Scare After Getting Electrocuted in Backyard Pool

There was a freaky incident in Garden Grove this past weekend when two sisters, ages 15 and 23, were electrocuted in a backyard swimming pool for reasons so far unknown.

After being pulled out of the pool in the 11400 block of Rainer Court, the unresponsive teen underwent life-saving efforts from her father and two police officers before paramedics were able to shock her back to breathing and having a pulse.

The nightmare began before noon, after the sisters jumped into the pool. The 15-year-old was in the deep end when she called out to her older sister. The 23-year-old looked over and noticed the teen was floating face up, unresponsive and not moving.

As the 23-year-old swam over to her sister, she noticed her arms and legs were going numb. First responders believe she was feeling the effects of electricity in the water. The 23-year-old then called out to her father.

He was able to pull the 23-year-old out of the pool and shut off the circuit breaker feeding electricity to the pool equipment before retrieving the 15-year-old and placing her on the deck. The father performed CPR on the girl, as did two separate police officers were arrived at the home before fire personnel.

Two paramedics and a fire intern were able to restore the girl's breathing and pulse with an  AED defibrillator. She was then taken to UCI Medical Center in Orange, where doctors stabilized her and expect her to make a full recovery because of the police and fire rescue operations, according to a Garden Grove Police statement.

and the female was transported to UCI by

Medical personnel at UCI were able to completely stabilize the victim and she remains
there under observation. Doctors at UCI expect the victim to make a full recovery due to
the life saving measures taken by GGPD officers and GGFD paramedics

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