10 Revelations in Nadia Davis Lockyer's Bombshell Interview

10 Revelations in Nadia Davis Lockyer's Bombshell Interview

A reporter colleague who used to cover Huntington Beach like a wet blanket would often walk around the newsroom saying, "If it happens in Huntington Beach, it's news to me." The joke was you could take that two ways: 1) Everything in Surf City was on his radar; 2) "That happened here? Well, that's news to me."

We believe if it happens to Nadia Maria Davis Lockyer, it's news to us here at Navel Gazing.

Nadia Maria Davis Lockyer Faces Meth and Child Abuse Charges

That's because the daughter of the late Santa Ana immigrant rights lawyer Wally R. Davis and former Santa Ana schools trustee left Orange County as a rising political star to marry one of the most powerful Democrats in California, relocating to Alameda County where she won a seat on the Board of Supervisors and had a son with state Treasurer Bill Lockyer.

Her spectacular and very public fall--which has included drug addiction, infidelity, a sex tape, criminal (at worst) or nasty (at best) allegations, a divorce petition, drug treatment and a stunning relapse--has touched about every subject in every movie on the fall Lifetime network lineup.

But truth be told, we've mostly been watching this unfold from afar. The Bay Area media, borrowing my old pal's wet binkie, has been all over the Lockyer story, including the August 2012 turn in Orange, where the treasurer's then-estranged wife was arrested on suspicion of possessing a meth pipe and child endangerment.

Fast forward a year, and Nadia Lockyer's life is returning to something approaching normalcy, according to a long interview she gave from her new home in Long Beach to Dan Noyes, a reporter with the Bay Area ABC station, KGO.

Fellow Nadia fans can watch the whole thing with the same keen interest we have, but as a short list for the rest of you, here are 10 revelations from the interview that were ... uh ... news to us.

1) Nadia Lockyer now lives in Long Beach

10 Revelations in Nadia Davis Lockyer's Bombshell Interview

Glad to have you back in SoCal, girlfriend. But as Walter White recommended, tread lightly. There are some methy and cracky pockets of town best avoided. Better to get addicted to the sweets: try Pandor Bakery on Second Street.

2) Bill Lockyer saw her infamous sex tape after it was left at their home

YouTube has since removed the video.
YouTube has since removed the video.

Steve Chikhani, the San Jose construction worker who became Nadia's lover and meth supplier after they met in rehab, famously taunted her with a sex tape he made. Bill Lockyer saw it after someone dropped a copy in the mailbox of their Hayward home. That's cold!

3) Chikhani titled the tape

After asking a San Jose Mercury News reporter where he might sell sex tapes he had made with Nadia, Chikhani sent the newspaper two online videos of his ex-lover engaged in sexual foreplay, one with the title, "Nadia Lockyer trying to get my vote." 4) Chikhani is back in rehab and moving on apparently

He reportedly emailed Noyes stating he'd rather not discuss specifics by explaining, "I have been completely clean and sober since January. I am staying focused on my sobriety and continuing on the path of rebuilding my life. I have made too much progress to bring up the past."

5) Nadia's sister turned her in

10 Revelations in Nadia Davis Lockyer's Bombshell Interview

Nadia and her son had been staying with her sister in Orange just three days when sis found Nadia's meth and pipe in the room she shared with her son and called the cops. "My sister had saved my life," Nadia now says.

6) That case may be dropped

The judge put the felony possession of a controlled substance and misdemeanor child endangerment case on hold until she completes rehab, and if she does so successfully he may dismiss the charges as soon as January, according to the KGO report. 7) Nadia's had other problems

10 Revelations in Nadia Davis Lockyer's Bombshell Interview

A relapse with alcohol ... a bout with Bell's Palsy that left her face drooping ... an allergic reaction to psychotic medication that made her shake uncontrollably. "They had to take me to the ER," she told Noyes. "It was near Halloween and I remember the little girl in the waiting room staring at me, just going, and it looked like I was The Exorcist or something."

8) Bill withdrew the divorce petition

"Just last month, Nadia was allowed to leave rehab to live with her son and Bill," Noyes reports. "He withdrew the divorce papers after seeing the progress his wife has made."

9) Nadia got tats in rehab

10 Revelations in Nadia Davis Lockyer's Bombshell Interview

To honor her Native American heritage, she got tattoos of a single feather, one above a foot and another behind a ear.

10) She sees a future

10 Revelations in Nadia Davis Lockyer's Bombshell Interview

Nadia told Noyes she hopes one day to get work as a lawyer, perhaps in a foundation, or as a social worker helping addicts or victims of domestic violence. We wish her the best!

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