10 Really Bad Orange County Boyfriends eHarmonizers and Match.commers Must Avoid

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Today's arraignment of Cheyene Fuimaono for allegedly murdering his girlfriend's toddler son reminded me that I wanted to slap together a list of 10 Orange Countians who proved to be really bad boyfriends in 2012.

Match.comming eHarmonizers take note of the results after the jump . . .


Already on mayhem lists for his alleged slayings of 26-year-old Afghanistan combat vet Sammy Herr, who was executed and dismembered, and 23-year-old Julie Kibuishi, who was shot at point-blank range after sinisterly being lured to Herr's Costa Mesa apartment in 2010, local community theater actor Dan Wozniak pops up again for his role in dumping a world of shit on his onetime fiancee. Rachel Mae Buffett has pleaded not guilty to an accessory to murder charge that could send her to state prison for four years. Detectives claim the 25-year-old lied to them to protect her man, who now faces the death penalty. Buffett's family staunchly maintains she is innocent. (Rachel Mae Buffett, Ex-Fiancee of Double-Murder Suspect Daniel Wozniak, Held)


Years ago, Chicago architect Mark Jarosik left his wife and children for a woman who was also married with kids at the time. They lived together in Las Vegas for four years before splitting up. The woman relocated to Ladera Ranch, and Jarosik followed, eventually prompting her to get a restraining order. Jarosik raped and attempted to sodomize her anyway and was on parole for those crimes when he tried to murder her a second time in 2009, banging her head against a curb in her quiet neighborhood. His third murder attempt came from within jail, when he tried to recruit a fellow inmate to do the dirty deed. An Orange County Superior Court judge this month sentenced Jarosik--who puts the "sick" in "Jarosik"--to 31 years to life in state prison. (Mark Alan Jarosik Gets 31 Years for Raping, Trying to Kill Ex-G.F. and Recruiting Killer) [Writer's note: This item originally gave the incorrect identity of the victim, and that has been removed. OC Weekly apologizes for the error.]

Courtesy of OCDA

When Jorge Luna's girlfriend ended their relationship after two years in 2007, the then-18-year-old reacted by threatening to kill her, repeatedly striking her and nearly choking her out. When she came to and vowed to reconsider, he took her to a stairwell, raped her and then let her return to classes at Anaheim High School, where she alerted authorities. A jury later convicted Luna on various counts, and he was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison. But he appealed that conviction on grounds a count of kidnapping with the intent to rape was incorrect, that he'd actually kidnapped with the intent of murdering the girl. Luna also found 15 years too long to wait to go before the parole board. The state appeals court last fall essentially told Luna to pound sand--and finishing doing his time. (Boyfriend Rapist of Anaheim High School Student Hates California's One Strike Law)

Courtesy of SAPD

It's possible that Jesus Montes brought his girlfriend along for the ride in black SUV that rolled up on 18-year-old Edgar Ortiz in Santa Ana on July 17 before a shot was fired and the teen was left to die on the pavement. Or, it could be that Veronica Ashley Wiist dragged Morales along, in which case we'd recommend her for the really bad girlfriends' list, not that we think you Match.commers should get involved with either. Both 22-year-olds and two juveniles police also place in the SUV are now facing murder and gang-crime counts. (Jesus Daniel Montes, Veronica Ashley Wiist and 2 Juvies Held in Gang Murder of Edgar Ortiz)


At his Santa Ana mother's home while his girlfriend was off to a community college class, Alexander Lucas Barnes was left to care for his honey's 9-month-old son. But Isiah Prim-Ortiz's crying so annoyed 20-year-old Barnes that he smashed the baby's head against a wall--fracturing both sides of the wee head--before placing Isiah back in the crib and waiting for one of the women to return. Isiah died that day at a local hospital, and Barnes was sentenced in February to 25 years to life in prison. (Alexander Lucas Barnes, 20, Gets 25 Years to Life for Gruesome Baby Murder)

Courtesy of BPPD

Here we go again: Cheyene Fuimaono was left alone to care for his girlfriend's 18-month-old son, Malik Perez, in her Buena Park residence. The 21-year-old later called police to report Malik was not breathing. Life-saving efforts got the boy to a local hospital, and he was later transferred to Children's Hospital of Orange County, where he died. Doctors noticed suspicious bruises and bite marks, according to prosecutors, who have filed charges of first-degree murder and assault on a child against Fuimaono, who faces 25 years to life with a conviction. (Malik Perez, OC Homicide No. 47: Cheyenne Mateo Fuimaono Held in Murder of Baby with Bite Marks, Bruises)


Courtesy of CMPD

Adolph Guadalupe Mireles had just been released from prison Sept. 4 when he went to visit his girlfriend at her Costa Mesa home. But once there, he discovered Robert Jay Liken, 43, of Long Beach, was also there. Police say Mireles confronted Liken, a struggle ensued and the parolee produced a knife which he used to fatally stab the visitor. Mireles spent some days on the run in a rental car before he was arrested at a Santa Fe Springs motel, where his 43-year-old girlfriend Madelyn Isabel Martinez and pal Balraj Singh, 41, of Northridge, were busted for allegedly helping Mireles avoid capture. (Robert Jay Liken, OC Homicide No. 32: Parolee is Suspected Stabber)

Courtesy of SAPD

If police have it right, Luis Morales really does not take break-ups well. Maria Isabel Cerrillo had moved on with her life; in fact, the Santa Ana 21-year-old was expecting a new beau to pop the question any day on Nov. 13, when Morales is accused of arranging a meeting at or near his Santa Ana home. Stabbed multiple times, Cerrillo's body was found that evening near Morales' residence. He was arrested for suspected murder three days later, with police saying he was preparing to move to Mexico. Morales now faces special circumstances murder charges and an enhancement that could put him away for life without parole. (Maria Isabel Cerrillo, OC Homicide No. 46: Ex-Boyfriend Luis Antonio Garcia Morales Held in Stabbing)


Thomas Michael Wilhelm believes his girlfriend of three years hooked up with a man he had fired and that together they forced the Costa Mesa 48-year-old out of his business, Tom Wilhelm Sprinkler Co. So, according to police, Wilhelm broke into a neighbor's home, stole a small-caliber handgun and entered his own home, where he fatally shot 45-year-old Christian Marie Murray in the chest. Wilhelm now faces a murder rap that could put him away for 50 years to life with a conviction. (Thomas Michael Wilhelm Arraigned for Allegedly Killing Girlfriend Over Business Dispute)


Alexandra Joyce Tang and Derek Henry Pinski were sweethearts at UC Santa Barbara, where both 24-year-olds majored in psychology. After graduation, she stayed with her family in Santa Barbara and he moved in with his in Laguna Hills, where Tang came to visit in early September, a month after the couple's one-month anniversary. She would return home in a box, the victim of fatal stab wounds. After a pursuit that ended in Arizona, Pinski was arrested for Tang's murder and faces a trial that could result in a sentence of 25 years to life in state prison with a conviction. (Alexandra Joyce Tang, OC Homicide No. 31: Boyfriend Derek Henry Pinski Held)

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