Marvin Magallanes
Marvin Magallanes
Anaheim Police Department

Accused Serial Killer and Kylie Jenner Stalker Allegedly Assaulted Jailer

Is Marvin Magallanes a one-man wrecking crew?

That’s what Orange County law enforcement is trying to figure out after the latest jailhouse incident tied to the psychotic and confessed serial killer and accused Kylie Jenner stalker.

Already on the hook for the murder of two homeless men in Anaheim and being investigated for the death of a former cellmate, the 25-year-old Anaheim resident was charged early last month with attacking an Orange County sheriff’s deputy while in custody.

Magallanes pleaded not guilty Monday to a felony count of resisting an executive officer and misdemeanor charges of assault on a peace officer and battery upon a peace officer.

This is the same defendant who showed up at the front counter of the Anaheim Police Department in May to allegedly confess to killing Sabah Alsaad, a homeless man whose body was found with fatal stab wounds on South Magnolia Avenue in January.

Homicide detectives had collected evidence at that murder scene linking the then-unknown killer to the fatal stabbing of Onosai Tavita, a homeless man whose body was found on Euclid Street in October 2016.

Both victims were asleep when they were attacked less than 2 miles from Magallanes' home, and there is no indication that he knew them or that they knew one another, according to investigators.

Magallanes was in jail without bail on two felony counts of murder with special circumstances (multiple murders) and another sentencing enhancement (personal use of a knife) that at a minimum would get him life in state prison without the possibility of parole if convicted.

Special circumstances murders can also lead to the death penalty if the DA pursues it, but the case has been put on hold while the court decides whether Magallanes is mentally competent enough to stand trial. He could be ordered held in a mental facility until he is able to return to court.

Magallanes’ alleged assault on a deputy at Orange County Jail happened June 4, which was less than a month after his supposed murder confession. On July 3, jail deputies found the body of Danny Pham, a 27-year-old Westminster car thief who was nearing the end of his 180-day sentence.

The cause of death has not been released. What has been released is the fact that Pham’s cellmate at the time was Magallanes, although authorities have not divulged whether he was in the cell at the time of death.

The sheriff’s department and the Orange County District Attorney’s office, which is investigating Pham’s death, have revealed that placing a suspected serial killer in the same cell was a violation of protocol. As a result, five deputies were placed on leave, and Pham’s family filed a claim with the county in an attempt to get answers and set the table for a wrongful-death lawsuit.

In yet another strange twist, Magallanes had crashed his car into a gate at the Calabasas home of the Kardashian universe’s Kylie Jenner in June 2016.

His family has reportedly said that Magallanes began spiraling after a break up with the mother of his child, and that he began abusing substances to deal with manic depression. This is said to have led to hallucinations. Thinking he was communicating with Jenner via Instagram, Magallanes believed he was in a relationship with the celebrity model, and that led to multiple attempts to try to meet her in person, according to his family.

After arriving at the security gate of The Oaks community, Magallanes informed the guards he was there for a meeting with Jenner. After being turned away, he rammed into the gate, cracked it and drove off. Magallanes later pleaded no contest to vandalism and was sentenced to 10 days in a Los Angeles County jail and 12 months of probation.

He also has a 2012 conviction on his record from a fight.


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