Zero dB


Sun Ra's classic track "Satellites Are Spinning" always hinted at otherwordly terrors, but Ra sublimated them under June Tyson's eccentric but optimistic vocals. Aided by their mix of fiery Latin jazz and aggressive rock, London-based producing duo Zero dB summon the hidden power of the song and turn it into a scary but gorgeous creature steered by Tyson's prophecy for a better world. And that's just the first song. Zero dB's Chris Vogado and Neil Combstock use this collection to travel through their remixes of the past three years and find the inner hellion of such electronica/nu-jazz dudes as Peace Orchestra, Truby Trio and Suba. All this should sound like a recipe for anarchy, but to their credit, Zero dB keep their driving, dirty bass and furious percussion on a tight leash. What could have been a nasty riot of beats instead turns into tightly programmed meditations on motion ("Touch the Sun") or a lightning-speed samba party, which is what you get on their remix of Grupo Batuque's "E Ruim." Wonderful stuff.


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