Zane Lamprey Turns Getting Drunk Into An Art Form on His New TV Show

Zane Lamprey Turns Getting Drunk Into An Art Form on His New TV Show

We're sure it has been said before, but just in case you're unaware, comedian/chef Zane Lamprey has the coolest job ever. He traveled the globe in search of local libations on his hit show Three Sheets and on his newest gig Drinking Made Easy, he's on a mission to get the low down on the guzzling habits all around North America. Zane also spends his time (drinking) pumping out the hilarity on his podcast called, "Zane Lamprey Show," as well as (drinking) crafting some awesome drinking games that you and your pals will have a blast playing. As you can tell, there is plenty to be jealous about when it comes to being Zane Lamprey so we thought we'd get the scoop on the good and bad when it comes to drinking as well as learning a few new ways to make it more fun. As if that is possible.

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OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): I was a huge fan of your show Three Sheets and was wondering, how does one get a job where they travel around the world drinking their face off?

Zane Lamprey: Back in 2005, I went in and auditioned for this food show and they were like, "You wouldn't have any fun with this show but we do have a show called Three Sheets where the host will travel all around and drink." They asked if I'd be interested in it and I was like, "Uhhh yeah!" A month later we made the pilot and then after that we were off shooting the series!

Sadly, I can't watch Drinking Made Easy because I have Cox and we don't get that AXS TV channel that it's on. It's totally unfair.

Yeah, I don't get it ether on Time Warner. [Laughs.] The cool thing is that you can get it on iTunes and download the seasons. I had the same issue but then again, we make the show so we watch it plenty.

I assume that when you're filming and someone gives you a drink you have to try it. Is there anything that someone's handed you and you just wanted to hurl on them?

Oh for sure! Anything that has a dead animal in it. Most people don't really encounter that in their daily drinking experiences. I have come across rum with a dead snake in it, rum with a scorpion in it, and also snake blood. It was pretty vile. It's either a tradition or a gimmick.

Gross. Since you are the master drinker we must ask, are there really any cures for a hangover?

We're still working on it! I think a Bloody Mary works but getting re-drunk isn't really helping necessarily. I've really tried them all. The one that might work the best is food and a nap. [Laughs.] Sometimes though if you wake up and it's a work day, you're just shit out of luck.

Your podcast is really funny. I just heard Tommy Chong on there and was wondering if he taught you how to make a bong out of a scotch bottle or something.

Thanks! No bongs but Tommy showed up with this cool necklace that was a piece of bamboo from his yard and he had carved it into what they call a "tobacco pipe." We hung out and talked and at the end he gave me his pipe. It was a really cool thing.

Did you use it?

I haven't yet! But I think it would be sacrilege if I didn't!

I love that you have a call-in line too. What's the craziest drunk message a caller left for you?

It's nothing too bad usually. By the way, it's 626-544-ZANE if you want to give it out! [Laughs.] Nothing has really blown us away with the messages. I mean, they're really funny and make us laugh though. There is one girl that called up was like, "I'm not going do anything memorable. I'm just sitting here drinking and buying shoes on-line." [Laughs.] It's just so funny the way she says it because she was drunk. It was actually pretty hilarious.

So with the holidays coming up, what type of gifts do you suggest for those that like to partake in the booze?

I would say one of my drinking games or anything from my website! [Laughs.] We also have something on this website called OpenSky where we compile a list of gifts we suggest. You can go on there and find anything cool!

How'd you come up with the drinking games? I have the dice game already and I'm thinking they might the perfect presents for some friends of mine.

Oh yeah the dice games are cool, it's all about the luck of the roll. I also like the card games a lot because they're more of a thinking game with strategy. We worked on them for over a year and tested them out in the office. We have about twelve people and we were playing them a lot! The pong game also just came out and it was a long time in the making. The dice game came from this game in Hong Kong called Liar's dice that's really big over there. So we sort of worked with one of those but put that magnetic top on there so you can put the rules and dice in and just throw it in your bag and go. The whole point of all of these was to make them as fun as possible, make them unique, and make them mobile. They really have to be fun though, that's the most important thing.

Do you have a drink suggestion to chug while you are playing it?

I would suggest a light beer just so you can pace yourself. I don't know if I'd go for anything super strong. It's whatever though, the whole point is to have a good time. It's really just something to do while you are drinking.

OK last question, when are you going to come out to Orange County again and do some stand-up?

I've been there before but there is nothing imminent as of now. I'm sure there is something on the horizon. OK, next year for sure!

Check out Drinking Made Easy on AXS TV or on iTunes and see what Zane is up to by following him on Twitter @ZaneLamprey. You can also buy all of your boozy buddies something fun this holiday on his website and can subscribe to Zane's podcast, "Zane Lamprey Show" on iTunes or through his website.

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