You're A Sinner! Six Songs You Can Tebow To

So you missed church on Sunday because you were too hungover to get up and think straight. Dude, you missed the wrong day to attend.  No matter what your vice is, there is hope for you yet. Through hip-hop, glam rock, Southern rock and even hardcore, you can listen to positive songs to help you get on the right path. Here are six songs that you can Tebow to. Choose your poison wisely. 

1. "Jesus Walks" - Kanye West

"God show me the way cause the Devil is trying to break me down." To all the gangsters, strippers and straight-up sinners, there is hope for you in this song. In "Jesus Walks" Kanye West spreads the message of the war with terrorism, racism and ourselves. He admits that he is a man who wants to pray to God, but is afraid because he has lived a life away from his beliefs. In the end he knows everything will be alright with this line from the hook, "To the hustlers, killers, murderers, drug dealers even the strippers (Jesus walks with them)."

2. "Death To Traitors" - Beloved (us)

Ever feel like you are drowning from the tempting pleasures of the world? Well this melodic, yet brutally heavy song from Beloved (us) will get you in the right mood to combat your angst. The premise of "Death To Traitors" is to not betray a friend or loved one be cause their are consequences, as told by these following lyrics, "Go ahead, burn your bridges. But only if you can swim deep in the sea of disbelief. This time your screams won't be heard."

3. "Louder Than Thunder" - The Devil Wears Prada

Those who think The Devil Wears Prada is Satanic due to the word "Devil" being in their name couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, TDWP is the complete opposite being devout Christians, and share their testimony on stage every night. "Louder Than Thunder" is a more melodic and extremely calm opposed to their chaotic blend of heart piercing guitar riffs, dark electronic synths and in your face screaming. This song is heavily influenced by angelic sounding synths accompanied aggressive clean vocals, help spread a message of selflessness and not being worthy of being at peace.

4. "Background" - Lecrae

Feel that you are in a uncontrollable downward spiral? Listen "Background" from Lecrae. Lecrae combats the perception that hip-hop is driven by greed, money, guns and strippers. As a Christian hip-hop artist, he's not ashamed to proclaim his faith to the world. He recently performed at Paid Dues, an all-day independent hip-hop festival in San Bernardino, which was a bittersweet precursor to Easter Sunday. The half-drunk, half-high crowd seemed to embrace this positive role model. Lecrae tells us in this song that we should not act like fools, and be in the background as God leads you.

5. Only God Knows Why - Kid Rock

Is the wicked pressure of fame getting the best of you? Then this song is for you. Kid Rock lets his raw emotions out on this song. Anyone in the industry knows what a tempting lifestyle it is that includes drugs, sex and alcohol while on the road. If you are part of this group and haven't found your salvation, walk with Kid Rock and keep your head up high because only God knows why.

6. "Calling On You" - Stryper

Known for throwing Bibles out to the crowd while headbanging to their thrashing guitars, Stryper went against the mold of '80s heavy metal as Christians. Unlike Motley Crue's "Girls Girls Girls", "Calling On You" is about calling for Christ when those girls are trying to drag you down. To all the lost and washed out rockers, this is the anthem to rock out to.


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