Young the Giant Talk Homecoming, New Album and Two Dates at the Galaxy Theatre
Meranda Carter/OC Weekly

Young the Giant Talk Homecoming, New Album and Two Dates at the Galaxy Theatre

After touring with Incubus, playing the VMAs and all kinds of globe trotting, Irvine's most recent big band is coming back to OC to play two dates at the Galaxy Theatre. When we last talked to frontman Sameer Gadhia in September, he mentioned how amazing the VMAs were. The band met Brian May from Queen, hung out with snowboarder Shaun White, and saw a general boost in album sales after the show. Back then, Young the Giant was just starting the tour with Incubus, whom Gadhia described as "really down to earth, nice guys."

Back then Gahdia talked about writing songs for their new album, which they want to start working on this

winter; "No one's expecting an album through early next year," he said. "Internationally


album's just coming out, so there's a lot of life in it yet."

Thematically, though, it seems as if there's already more of a brain trust to draw from than Young the Giant's debut: Gadhia namechecks James Joyce, Ernest Hemingway and John Paul Sarte as lyric-writing influences, but "I was always reading...mainly beause I didn't have a lot of [experiences] yet," he says. Now that the five-piece has traveled the world playing music, "I have a lot more to write about."

When the band comes home, they're also moving to a place close to Long Beach and LA. "We're going to be living a normal life for two to three months," Gadhia said. It'll enable them to have privacy after touring nonstop. "Just having your own space and place and own routine and do what you want to do," he said. "That's what we miss the most [from being on the road]."

Young the Giant's Hometown Holiday shows on Dec. 16 [sold out] and 17 will benefit the Irvine Public School Foundation's efforts to keep music in Irvine schools.   The Galaxy Theatre, 3503 S. Harbor Blvd. Santa Ana. $22, All Ages. buy tickets here.


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