You'll Need Therapy When Purple Mums Are Done With You!

You'll Need Therapy When Purple Mums Are Done With You!

[Editor's Note: This new Weekly music feature highlights outtakes and personal stories from bands who just finished working their asses off to put out new music.]

In making their debut, Purple Mums offers up a psychedelic bouquet of strange sounds. The four-piece band based in Santa Ana released its twelve-track self-titled album earlier this month with a celebration show at the Shanghi'd Room in Huntington Beach. Lead singer/guitarist Rosanna Dittrich is joined by Quinn Dittrich (keys), Aaron Cohen (drums) and Art Goya (guitar, bass) in rounding out the lineup. Purple Mums mix their signature psychedelia with pop and alt-rock influences in a songwriting brew that produces what they describe as "soundtracks for strange childhood dreams."

Throughout the album, unique arrangements and relaxed vocals held create that musical identity. "Black and White" has a cinematic feel with a reel sound effect layered over a vibe reminiscent of The Doors' "People Are Strange." And then there's "My Poor Heart" with Dittrich's quotable opener, "You'll need therapy / When I'm done with you."

The Weekly checked in with Rosanna Dittrich about the song and her band's debut album!

On the Purple Mums' producer's influence:

"The album was recorded by Ego Plum at his home. He played a lot of the instruments and helped out with the arrangements. Many of the songs turned almost into collaborations. We did a lot of experimenting. Songs went through several different phases over time. "Teddy Bear" was a basic guitar, drum and bass song. It evolved with different percussion and keyboard and it just has a completely different feel than the original. It's one of my favorite recordings on the album."

On dispelling the myth that "My Poor Heart" is about a hamster:

"There was a joke about a hamster that escaped from a habitrail. It isn't true. I never owned a hamster. I'm more of rat person. That vicious rumor sprouted out of a heckler at one of our shows! The song is more of an amalgamation of different relationships and not necessarily romantic ones. I take any kind of situation, whether a family member or a pet--I know that sounds bizarre--and put into what sounds like a love song. I don't know how to describe it. It's just a weird thing that happens."

Purple Mums perform at The Shanghai'd Room, 16391 Beach Blvd., Huntington Beach. Sat., Aug. 31. $3. 21+

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