We kind of learned the hard way.
We kind of learned the hard way.

You'd Be Super Insane to Miss SuperNaked

The band SuperNaked is super talented, they super rock, and their funny ass lyrics would make your parents super cringe. Since we are super running out of super-puns, let's get into the interview that we had with Lee and Luke of SuperNaked. Oh wait, we thought of one more. You're going to be super bummed if you miss them (along with a super line-up of comics) at The Refinery in Huntington Beach on July 22. OK, we're done.

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): First off, this is like the best three way ever! I'm, as the cool kids would say, #Blessed. That aside, give me the backstory of how you guys met up.

Lee: [Laughs.] You're filthy. I like it. I produced music and often times I would meet wonderful musicians who could somehow play better than I can so I would befriend them and have them play on my records. Some of the time I try to have them do it for favors but most of the time, I pay them. Then I ended up with this gang of dudes and now they're all buddies. So we formed a situation where I was able to go and perform some of my original tunes for fun. Through rehearsing those songs, we started to find a lot of really fun and humorous things to talk about. At that time, we were going to call ourselves "The Jizzards."

Wait. Like jizz?

Lee: Exactly! We were gonna be like that band that left seven years ago because they couldn't pay rent so they went out to do gigs. But they just stayed on the road and never returned but now they're back in town for one night only.

I see. Luke, did you want to add anything to that?

Luke: Nope. So far so good.

Perfect. Can you tell me how Drake Bell ended up in your music video?

Lee: Well eventually we had a bass player Rafe Bradford start showing up to these jam sessions and as we were playing these shows, there was this song that Luke and I had written called "Terrible Person." It turned out to be such an insane song, we decided to make a music video. By the way, we're shooting a video and we didn't even have a band name. So my buddy Drake Bell wanted to use the song for his record and I was like, no, but you can be in the video and he said yes! It's crazy because it's a comedic song filled with things that you think but you wouldn't say out loud like, "I hate your guts" and a heartfelt, "kill yourself." [Laughs.] For some reason, it turned into something that people laughed at.

Ahhh gotcha. I also noticed you love to harass him on Twitter which I find hilarious.

Lee: That's Luke. [Laughs.] If you know Drake, you know he's just an easy target. He also doesn't really care and you can't upset him as long as you're not hitting his mom. He can take it and dish it right back out. He's actually very witty. So he wouldn't tweet our video because it was sort of vulgar, which I completely understood but then, he released a video for his song "Bitchcraft" and in this video, boobies! And they are really weird boobies by the way. So when we saw that he had this explicit video we were like, hey, you wouldn't tweet our video because we have strong content but your song also has strong content? It's called "Bitchcraft!" Saying fuck and seeing boobies are kind of in the same school you know? So we started to harass him.

I love it. I'm also a fan of your #FuckBucket hashtag on Twitter as well. What's up with that?

Luke: Our closing song is this barn burner country song that is a Jizzards leftover called, "Fuck Everyone and Everything."

Lee: Have a nice day for short!

Luke: Yeah. Have a really nice day. So we started taking suggestions from the audience because there's a part in the middle where it breaks down and we'd be like, who do you want to say fuck you to? We just had this idea that we'd take suggestions and put them in a bucket and read them on stage because it got a little unruly when you're just taking suggestions from people screaming things like, FUCK SUPERNAKED! We kind of learned the hard way. [Laughs.]

Lee: We also like to choose an audience member, preferably female, to hold the bucket and handpick for us so it kind of turns into a game show. The Fuck Bucket is turning into something that is going beyond the bucket itself. With the hashtag, people are also able to tweet their suggestions so we've created this place you put things that you really want to say "fuck you" to. You can even have a Fuck Bucket in your house so if somebody calls you and really shits in your Cheerios, you can just put it in your Fuck Bucket so you don't have to hold it in your soul anymore!

Now when you guys start selling merchandise, will you sell Fuck Buckets?

Luke: Yeah we should do that but we're not going to pay you for the idea because we already thought of that a long time ago.

I think I just came up with it right now.

Lee: Mark, who owns the club that we have our residency at, was the first person to come up with that idea so really, we should pay him. [Laughs.]

Whatever, I'm full of good ideas. I've got one for a margarita home delivery service in the works too...

Luke: Oh that's great! We're going to have a drink called the Fuck Bucket and you can take the bucket home with you.

Lee: Yeah, and if someone orders one late at night the bartender will just pick up the tray and pour whatever spills off of it...and you drink it.

Mmmm....pass. When is your album dropping and what's the name of it?

Lee: It's going to be called "SickSongs" because there are six songs and they're all sick.

Luke: Yeah, and I think it comes out August 22nd which is a Friday. Does that sound right?

To me or to Lee?

Luke: To you.

August 22nd sounds lovely. I'm in. I noticed on your website you all have nicknames. I need answers.

Lee: Luke is "The Godfather" because first of all, look at his face. Also, he's very polite, charming and stable minded...so you think. But there is an evil inside him that will take out your family and anyone else that has crossed him. You can see it in his eyes. If you look into his eyes, or his soul hole, you'll see a very clear message that says, if you don't mind not fucking with me, I won't mow you down. But he's really nice though! He's the Godfather!

Got it. OK do you want to explain Luke's nickname "Full Frontal" Lee?

Lee: Yeah well, he's the front man. And it's SuperNaked so he's Full Frontal.

That's too easy...

Lee: See? This shit writes itself.

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Check out SuperNaked at The Refinery July 22nd at 8:30 pm, 210 5th St Huntington Beach, CA 92648, (714) 536-3773. You can also see them at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club Friday's at 10pm and if you are in the Santa Barbara area, they'll be the "LOL Comedy Festival." For more info go to their website www.WeAreSuperNaked.com, their Facebook, and follow them on Twitter @WeAreSuperNaked.

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