You Tube Train: Exene Cervenka Interview w/ Eric Blair

So it's only a matter of hours before Exene Cervenka, vocalist of revered LA punk band X, walks on stage at Alex's Bar in Long Beach to kick off her SoCal stint of club dates and you are soooooo excited. As a lifelong fan, you probably pride yourself on every scrap of memorabilia you've compiled over the years: an old ticket stub from a show in the early days, decrepit stacks of vinyl that encapsulate everything from Los Angeles to hey Zeus!, band T-shirts galore. You've allowed yourself to become one of those annoying people who will gladly rattle off the entire history of the band, given only the slightest provocation.

But we all know that true music fanatics can never get enough inside information. For that reason alone, it seems relevant to post a recent interview that Cervenka did with host Eric Blair of the show "Blairing Out" over at Gods & Heros salon and boutique in Costa Mesa. 

For the next half hour, you'll hear this 53-year-old icon, poet, author, vocalist and "alien lord" talk about the history of X as well as her own life growing up in Florida, her teenage years her new album Somewhere Gone, the multitudes of bands she's been in, her art, dead punk heroes, and a bunch of other trivia and crazy stories you probably never knew about. So sit back and absorb. The info will probably come in handy when you corner her off stage for an autograph, either tonight or tomorrow at Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa. 

Exene Interview Part 1

Exene Interview Part 2


  Exene Interview Part 3


  Exene Interview Part 4


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