You Should Watch: Big Whup At The Prospector Tonight

You Should Watch: Big Whup At The Prospector Tonight
Charles Mallison

Who: Big Whup, performing at the Prospector tonight (with Red Sweater and California Condors, plus DJ sets by our writer and LA Record editor Chris Ziegler, Lithuanian Prince and Hits and Mrs.).
Why: Because Big Whup fuses folk-irony with Japanese-pop influences and is unabashedly all about embracing skillful eclecticism in their music. Details and my favorite song, after the jump.

For those of you who like:

saw, guitar, viola, bass, organ, drums, triola, tap shoes and banana shakers.

Ziegler actually wrote about the Big Whup for OC Weekly here. Big Whup's members are also from Pizza!, and their willingness to try anything--make them totally punk rock.
It's a $3 cover, 21+, 2400 E. 7th St., Long Beach.

Here are two of my favorites from their set:

"No Mommy"


Big Whup - Yaaaay! from Tony and Gabe on Vimeo.

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