Yoko Ono Tries to Stifle John Lennon-Themed Bar in Scotland

More than 31 years after an assassin's bullet felled John Lennon, his wife is still trying to control his career.

Today, Exclaim reported that Yoko Ono, in a move worthy of the Disney legal gestapo, has assembled her henchman to put the smack down on a John Lennon-themed bar and its owner Mike Craig.

Yoko Ono Tries to Stifle John Lennon-Themed Bar in Scotland

Apparently, Craig's watering hole--located in Dundee, Scotland--houses a large collection of Beatles memorabilia and, according to the baffled proprietor, has been called Lennons for the past five years. Yoko is demanding via her legal team that Craig change the name of his bar and remove the collectibles within 14 days. Yikes.

This development seems all the more baffling when viewing a YouTube video of Yoko sending out a request for video tributes to John on his 70th birthday and gushing about spreading peace and flashing the sign of the deuce. The goal of the request she said was to keep Lennon's memory alive--it seems Yoko genuinley wants to do this--as long as she is in control of how it's done.

We find it interesting that during the Youtube spot she was wearing her trademark sunglasses, despite the fact the room was well-lit. If, as they say, eyes are the gateway to the soul, one has to wonder if Yoko is hiding hers, or the fact that she doesn't have one.

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