WTF of the Week: Scott Stapp at San Manuel Indian Casino

WTF of the Week: Scott Stapp at San Manuel Indian Casino

"Good Christian" and former Creed frontman Scott Stapp performing at the San Manuel Casino, amidst the frenzied action of slot machines and black jack tables.

Apparently, Stapp will present newly deconstructed Creed material--intimately and acoustically--along with some "newer" solo stuff from his 2005 album The Great Divide.
Scott Stapp, a guy who ripped off a bevy of artists with a moaning growl reminiscent of Eddie Vedder, Lane Staley and Scott Weiland is attempting to rebuild his deflated why not a casino? (He did, after all, sell upwards of 40 million of records at some point in his life).

Begging the question:
Who in the hell was buying this guy's albums? This guy sanctimoniously sang about faith and love while partaking in obscenely hypocritical behavior in his personal life; he stood accused of throwing a bottle at his wife, reckless driving, public intoxication and assault.

Which all stands in marked contrast to the lyrics of his solo album such as those found in the first track "Reach Out:"

"I reach out/ I can't give in/ Learn to listen to that voice that's in my soul."

Good luck with that, dude.

The details:
Scott Stapp of Creed, Intimate & Acoustic at San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino, 777 San Manuel Blvd., Highland, Sept. 30


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