WTF File: The Growlers on NBC LA?

How the hell did we miss this? Not only did NBC recently launch a fluff-tastic version of "local's only" online news, one of our Local's Only bands were actually on it. On Oct. 27 The Growlers were invited to the newsroom of NBC LA to answer a cavalcade of the world's most generic questions. You could say it was just another score in a busy year for the Costa Mesa four-piece, chock-full of record releases, insane music videos and big time tours with Devandra Banhart and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes. 

So when faced with yet another chance for major exposure, vocalist Brooks Neilson and guitarist Matt Taylor threw on the classiest blanket they could find and sat down to do the interview. And what an interview it was. Despite the faulty microphones and deflecting sarcasm in every exchange and the fact that the interviewer would rather look at the camera than the band, the average person who's never seen the Growlers will definitely walk away with some real insight about the band after this. Hell, even we missed out about their past as free style rappers and cactus farmers.  Who knew?


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