Worst Holiday Song of 2009: Millioniares, 'Rated X-Mas'

Few things generate laughter around the office during the holidays like a well-crafted Christmas song parody. Especially the naughty ones. However, Huntington Beach based group 


 new song "Rated X-Mas"  will probably make you wish you hadn't pressed play. 

To be fair, this group of barely legal electro tarts does enjoy a reputation for creating nauseatingly catchy tunes about sex, drugs and gossip. Beloved by a hefty following of impressionable teenie boppers, Millionaires thrive on issuing squeaky-voiced pop songs that seem to be the equivalent of audio kiddy porn. Sure, we're all up for some down and dirty Santa humor, but somehow "Rated X-Mas" doesn't seem to fall into that category--especially when you figure it's pretty much directed toward little girls that should be at home watching Hannah Montanna (oh, wait....). 

Still don't believe it could be that bad? How about a sample of the lyrics from "Rated X-Mas": 
Staring at the clock/ and waiting for my Santa cock/ In and out my chimney' cuz he's been around the block/Fastening up his sleigh/ Santa's gettin' laid/ bustin' out that leather whip/ Now Rudolph wants to join. 

Unfortunately, local fans are not going to be able hear this song in person since the group was forced to cancel tomorrow's show at Chain Reaction due to "health" reasons. We're guessing it has something to do with eggnog poisoning.


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