Wiz Khalifa's Got a New Line of Pot Accessories

Wiz Khalifa's Got a New Line of Pot Accessories

Over the past few years, hell, even the past few months, we've written about the cross-marketing opportunities that musicians have had to endorse (chess tournaments, football teams, etc.) in order to keep their ambitions, and thus, dreams alive. Pittsburgh-bred Wiz Khalifa, however, made one of the savviest decisions that will not only keep the Taylor Gang happy, but will enhance his image as one of the forerunners of the stoner rap movement.

Earlier this week, a press release announced that Khalifa joined forces with RAW® Rolling Papers to develop a unique collection of "smoking" accessories that claims to offer quality and innovative products smokers have long deserved. What does that even mean? It continues by stating RAW® will introduce a line of natural unrefined rolling papers and smoking products

So, in other words, put down your bowls, bongs and Dutch Masters, because the Khalifa-branded rolling papers are what's up. However, the partnership isn't limited to just rolling papers, the now aptly titled name of his first record. There will be tips and trays as well. This is easily one of the smartest thing the rapper could have done in the lead up to his latest record, Blacc Hollywood, which has yet to be released.

"I'm really excited to have my own line of papers with RAW®. I've been using the product for years and it only felt right to make this happen with them." Khalifa said in the same press release.

Even though Khalifa has expanded his brand before, including forays into fashion by releasing his own styled hats via Flat Fitty and his own Chuck Taylors, this is a different beast all together. Like his mentor/collaborator Snoop Dogg before him, Khalifa is slowly becoming to the new generation of stoner music fans what Tha Doggfather was to the last.

Good news for pot heads, Khalifa fans and stoners who want some of these accessories. The products will be hitting your local head shops as early as next week and if you're too lazy to get out and buy them, you can order them online here. But they are limited edition so don't be lazy and snatch before they go up in smoke. Once you get 'em you can bust out ridiculous joints, including the "braid" roll shown below toward the end of the video. This is fucking insane!

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