Wiz Khalifa Finally Gets His Shit Together on "Smokin' On"

Wiz Khalifa Finally Gets His Shit Together on "Smokin' On"

Along with every other straight-to-DVD film, we've been ignoring Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg's upcoming buddy comedy, Mac and Devin Go to High School.

The movie promises to be a Cheech and Chong redux. We have no idea what the concept is other than getting high, potentially blowing up a chemistry lab, and giggling about it (their school is named "N. Hale"). But isn't Snoop a little old to play a high school kid?

On the other hand, so far the soundtrack seems a make-up present to Wiz's long-time fans, who grumbled "sellout" this spring when he released his fluffy, radio-ready Atlantic Records' debut, Rolling Papers.

The soundtrack will be released next Tuesday, the same day Wiz and Snoop's smoky mini-tour hits L.A. In the first track, "Young and Free," the friends make being a teenager seem far more blissed-out than we remember. Even though it's a breezy, stoner-pop number, Wiz finally seems to have gotten his shit back together.

Yesterday, he continued that trend on the album's second single, "Smokin' On." Snoop features, of course, as well as Three 6 Mafia OG and recent signee to Wiz's Taylor Gang label, Juicy J.


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