Wildcat! Wildcat! - Constellation Room - October 6, 2014
Taylor Morgan

Wildcat! Wildcat! - Constellation Room - October 6, 2014

By: Taylor Morgan Wildcat! Wildcat! The Constellation Room 10/6/14

High school boys stand awkwardly with collared shirts and cardigans as a girl walks by swinging her plastic and see through backpack over her shoulder. Clothes from the vintage department of American Rag are the norm in this hipster infested crowd gathered here tonight to see LA based, indie electro-pop, band Wildcat! Wildcat!. A guy in Warby Parker looking glasses sells canvas bags and pins with the bands name as a mom lectures her son and his friends about the rules of attending their first concert.

As the house music fades out and the lights dim, vocalist and drummer Jesse Carmichael takes the stage first, sporting his hair in a messy bun. Vocalist and bassist Jesse Taylor follows, wearing tight skinny jeans and a newsboy cap and right behind him beaming with energy is vocalist and keyboardist Michael Wilson. They begin with "Tower//W.O.H.L" singing "Take a bow/Never stop/Feels just like we are standing on the edge of the world." The first track off their debut full length, No Moon at All, released earlier this year. Next up is "Garden Grays" and the track is packed with falsetto vocals, sexy beats and smooth repetition weaved throughout.

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The trio has known each-other since they were 14 years-old and its apparent in their onstage chemistry and seamless transition between songs. They all sing vocals and play an instrument for a reason, each contribution is invaluable to their overall sound. The move along to sing "End Of The World Everyday" with eyes closed tuning into the electronic dream they're creating with a packed dance floor, bouncing in the Constellation Room. They sing "Up & Beyond," "Hero," "Holloway (Hey, Love)" and "Please and Thank You" as circular swirls move across the walls and blue lighting flickers. Their sound resembles Mansions On The Moon and M83 and it's no surprise, as the trio recorded their album with co-producer Morgan Kibby of M83.

Wilson began to laugh as he looked over at Taylor announcing they'd be covering something new this evening, a cover. Soon the band and the audience were collectively singing "Straight up now tell me/Do you really want to love me forever oh, oh, oh" dancing and laughing about this weird yet somewhat iconic Paula Abdul throwback. Next, Wilson announced they'd be performing his favorite off the album "Circuit Breaker" and they followed with "Mr.Quiche" their most favored song by fans off their self titled EP. They performed "Hero" and immediately exit, which is followed by a quick 30 second chant before they were back to perform another cover, "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" by Tears for Fears. They finished the night off performing "Marfa" the last song on their album with more wispy sounds and bouncy beats. In one years time, the band has managed to open for Portugal.The Man., play at SXSW, and release their fist album which reeks of success. It's no doubt these guys have a bright future ahead of them.

Set List: Tower//W.O.H.L. Garden Grays End Of The World Everyday Up & Beyond Hero Holloway (Hey, Love) Please and Thank You Straight Up (Paula Abdul Cover) Circuit Breaker Mr. Quiche Hero

Encore: Everybody Wants to Rule the World (Tears for Fears Cover) Marfa

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