It's show time!
It's show time!
James Abajian

Wildboys Are Two Lokos

Irvine-based electro/hip-hop duo Wildboys are making lots of noise right now—which is surprising considering they haven’t performed a live show yet. Eschewing the traditional “start the band/play gigs/make a record” process, Bronson and Stallone have already recorded their (for now) digital-download-only debut album, Kick Out the Jams,Vol. 1, and they post a weekly YouTube broadcast/performance every Wednesday. Their sound is reminscent of Chromeo after a major Four Loko binge (and, trust us, they LOVE Four Loko). This week, they’ll break their live-performance hymens at Detroit Bar, so come out and support the cause. If you have a tuxedo T-shirt lying around, that’s the night to break it out!

OC Weekly: What are your favorite Charles Bronson and Sylvester Stallone movies, respectively? Or are you referencing Frank Stallone?

Bronson: You’re not the first one to say that. I don’t know. I’ve never seen a Charles Bronson movie—sue me.


Why did you pick those names then?

Stallone: They sounded good [laughs].

Bronson: I saw this trailer for a movie called Bronson, and it’s about England’s most famous criminal. The name was sick.

Stallone: Our names are both two syllables, and it just rolls off the tongue. The word “Stallone” is strong and studly. It’s like: “Stallone—I like girls and I like partying.” And it made sense.

Bronson: But my favorite Charles Bronson movie was really Freaky Friday.

Stallone: And my favorite Charles Bronson movie was Sylvester Stallone.


What prompted you to release the mashtapes of popular songs such as “Bad Romance” and “The Time (Dirty Bit)”?

Bronson: People are constantly lookin’ out for something new, you know? It’s a feasible way to keep putting out jams. I don’t want to give away all the tricks up our sleeves.


It’s kind of like Girl Talk.

Stallone: Yes, it’s like Girl Talk, but we rap over a hook—it’s something fresh.

Bronson: Girl Talk is out of this world. I’ll take that for sure.


I noticed you always seem to be drunk. Is that how you came up with the ideas and lyrics for your music?

Bronson: We bring energy to our lyrics. We say some unspeakables, if you know what I’m saying.

Stallone: We write out music on the spot—we don’t take time to write. We are writing what people’s inner desires are.

Bronson: We like writing melodies, and we make all of our music. It’s hella fun.


What has your process been like for making the video for “Club Get Crunk”? Are you almost finished with it?

Bronson: We finished, but we didn’t put a lot of thought into it. We essentially did the same idea as Jackass.

Stallone: We filmed on a Droid, cell-phone style, so it was undercover.

Bronson: We literally made a tripod and set up shop in the Dubliner in Tustin, and we were sitting on the patio with lights, lip-synching to our song. People were looking at us like, “What the fuck?”


What’s with only releasing a digital album online? Is that what technology is coming to?

Stallone: Let’s be honest, no one buys music anymore. We’re trying to get the music out there and party.


In your video “Make Em Say,” you are drinking Four Lokos. How do you feel about the drink being pulled off the shelves?

Bronson: Given that we were drinking Four Lokos, you know that shit was intentional because we are freakin’ the dirty skunks who drink Four Lokos.

Stallone: It was off the shelves in a couple of days. I tried to stock up on it for my folks in Nevada, and I ransacked the 7-11. We still got Loko on tap. We’re selling it at $25 a pop.


How many cases do you have?

Bronson: We don’t want to get robbed.

Stallone: Irvine PD is out and about, you know? It’s contraband at this point. God bless the Loko.


Wildboys perform at Detroit Bar, 843 W 19th St., Costa Mesa, (949) 642-0600; Fri., 9 p.m. Free until 10:30 p.m.; $10 after. 21+.



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This column appeared in print as "Two Lokos."


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