Whitesnake Has New Keyboardist From Orange County

Whitesnake Has New Keyboardist From Orange County

Apparently, Whitesnake are still around--and making new music! In fact, they just announced a new keyboardist for their upcoming tour to support their new album, Forevermore. His name is Brian Ruedy, and he was born July 24, 1961, in Orange County. (No, seriously, this is what the announcement on the Whitesnake site has. His birthday and place of birth.)

Reudy, who has previously worked for Bret Michaels and Brian Head Welch of KORN, has been growing his hair and practicing '80s glam-rock hits such as "Here I Go Again."

Reudy also loves Jon Lord of Deep Purple, Rick Wakeman of Yes ("I love his ability to play multiple keyboards at once. He had amazing sounds and put on quite a show") and Keith Emerson of ELP.

"I am honored and privileged to be part of the Whitesnake family. Its an incredible opportunity. I am excited to bring new sounds and flavors to Whitesnake. I look forward to expanding on the already-great Whitesnake material," he says.

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