Where Do Hardcore Duo It's Casual Go to Get...Casual?

It's Casual describes itself as Los Angeles' only rock 'n' roll tag team duo. Or something like that. After listening to singer/guitarist Eddie Solis and drummer W.C.E. bash away at the heaviest skate rock riffs this side of Slayer, Black Flag and the Melvins, it's hard to remember much of anything.

One other thing that might explain why I can't remember so good...It's Casual is really fucking loud. Like, the kind of loud that makes teenagers go, "Hmm...maybe I should try wearing earplugs."

That said, I am positive the group has released three full-length albums (2002's Buicregl, 2005's Stop Listening to Bad Music and 2007's The New Los Angeles) and a split 7-inch with Bullet Treatment. I am also 100 percent certain an It's Casual show is anything but casual. W.C.E. provides a heavy swinging groove for Solis, who screams about how "Cholas are Loyal" and wails that "the freeways are not so nice."

It's Casual plays Saturday at Alex's Bar with Good For You, Sinner Sinners and Plurals. I'm no Nostradamus, so I can't tell you exactly what will happen, but I can guarantee this: It's Casual will be intense. That said, no one can be aggro all the time, so I decided to ask Solis and W.C.E. what they do when they don't have veins bulging from their necks. Here are their very casual answers.

OC Weekly (Ryan Ritchie): Last time I saw you (about three weeks ago in East L.A.), you kicked the microphone into the crowd after the first song because you were pissed at the sound guy. Then you played the rest of the show by giving menacing looks to the audience while shredding riffs that would make Satan afraid to get in the pit. I refuse to believe you are that unrelenting all the time, so what do you do when you aren't freaking the fuck out on stage?

Solis: On Mondays I find myself in downtown Los Angeles on Olive at skidrowstudios.com producing and hosting my radio show Los Angeles Nista.

Ok, but what about musically? Is there anything you listen to that isn't run through a wall of distortion pedals?

I go to Hollywood and Highland for the free jazz concerts produced by KKJZ.

How about non-musically?

I go to the Bellflower skate park. I love the six-foot bowl and the mini ramp part is so much fun. In between I like stopping by Programme Skate/Sound for music and skateboarding needs. Also, every morning I do about 30 minutes worth of yoga. Before gigs or before going skateboarding I do about 15 minutes worth. I'm really happy with the outcome. I feel much more balanced, you know on an even keel. Ready to maintain the day-to-day and take on challenges as well. But most importantly, I feel weightless, like my capabilities are endless as if nothing is weighing me down.

Another mellow thing I do is take the Red Line and Gold Line and read a book. There is something I get out of moving while reading. I retain what I read much better if I'm not idle while reading.

W.C.E.: The only place I like to get casual in is my backyard, where I can tend to my garden in pure peace and quiet. It's the most striking contrast to what happens on stage during an It's Casual set. Must have some sort of balance in life!

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