What's Humming Through the Skulls of Orange County?


> The Measles. "Ingredients for a superspectacular evening: one Memphis Soul Cafe and four Measles, shaken with heavy doses of stereophonics and style. A Costa Mesa band to check out."

> Ben Brown, bassist for Athalia and founder of the Coalition. "Ben's been working hard on creating a recording environment where local musicians can get together in a 'community-like' setting and produce music completely outside the corporate music industry. If that's not indie, we dunno what is."

> The Soundhead. "Put away your three-chord progressions and electronic beats; this band doesn't underestimate the human ear. A fine space-rock band emerging from South County that has a lot going for them. See them all you can."

> The What in the World Show, Wednesdays from 1 to 4 p.m. on KUCI. "A girl and her record player convince you that there's more to international music than Ricky Martin and Celine Dion—she even plays German hip-hop. Good stuff, better than apple strudel."

> Sweep the Leg Johnny. "These guys are indie, explosive and surreal—Chicago natives who take math rock to new levels. Don't miss them next time they're on tour. Steve Sostak is the nicest guy in any band, full of talent and energy."

> Dim Mak Records. "This label was established for all the right reasons—good music and positivity. Steve, who runs the Pickle Patch in Santa Barbara, also runs Dim Mak. No Knife, Bluebird, Farside and Give Until Gone all have releases available on the label."

> Costa Mesa Music. "This place rules. For all you musicians sick of hard-sell bullshit, Costa Mesa Music is it. Located by Top of the Hill on Victoria between Placentia and Brookhurst, these guys will give you deals on everything from amps to straps."

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