Wener Watch Wednesday: Wener Strikes Again!

First, major props to OC Register music writer Ben Wener for having such a great sense of humor about the original Wener Watch. He's a good sport!

That being said, last week Wener returned to his old habits of writing really, really, really long opening paragraphs that are all one giant sentence (I've lovingly dubbed them "sentegraphs"). It appeared in his otherwise lovely review of J.J. Cale at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano:

"It's a shame Leonard Cohen is so, well, Leonard Cohen that next week's first local appearances in 15 years don't require an opening act -- for having now attempted to hear J.J. Cale's subdued show Monday night at the Coach House, his first O.C. performance in at least five years, I can think of no better tourmate for the Bard of Montreal than the King of the Tulsa Sound."

While that's not quite as wordy as some of his others, it's definitely the most confusing. Especially if you're not overly familiar with septuagenarian singer-songwriters, and can't keep "the Bard of Montreal" and "the King of the Tulsa Sound" straight. (Also, the Nokia Theatre in LA is "local"? Hmm.) And since Leonard Cohen is the focus of the "lede" (as we say in the "biz"), it makes it seem like he's reviewing Leonard Cohen, since Cale's kind of an afterthought in that sentegraph. Hmm.

Other than that, good work from Wener lately. I'm even willing to overlook his semi-problematic description of Lily Allen ("physique increasingly slender and done up in sexpot gear"). Though if Alright, Still-era Lily Allen is his idea of a "frumpy-cute girl-next-door," I think I need to move to his neighborhood.


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