Welcome to 2007: Heard Mentality Joins Twitter!

If you're looking for the hot hot Heard Mentality scoop as it happens, you'll be totally psyched to hear about this: The beloved OC Weekly music blog that you're reading now is on Twitter.

Follow us here. Not only will this scintillating new Twitter alert you every time there's a new post on the blog, I'll also update it with fun, short "not fit for print" thoughts that wouldn't otherwise make the blog or print product, like live thoughts directly from concerts. Oooh, exciting! Ideally, I'd love to grow it to help create a dialogue with fans, performers, promoters, etc. about the local music scene. That might sound way too ostentatious for a Twitter, but you gotta dream big in this life. And take cues from Shaq.

So yeah. Add us! Right here! And check out the general OC Weekly Twitter here!


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