Weepy, Rainy Day Playlist

I understand it doesn't rain much in Southern California. That's a good thing. These gloomy skies make me want to curl up on the sofa with strong drink and do nothing but listen to sad, sad songs--timeless ones that equate rain with sorrow.

Weepy, Rainy Day Playlist

Here are my faves. Enjoy. With cocktails. And no one around to see you wipe away that manly tear.

Click on song title for YouTube clip.  

"Make It Rain," Tom Waits
"It's Been Raining," Kimya Dawson
"Buckets of Rain," Neko Case (covering Bob Dylan)
"Another Rainy Day," Corinne Bailey Rae 
"Raining in Darling," Bonnie Prince Billy
"I Wish It Would Rain," the Temptations
"None But the Rain," Townes Van Zandt
"It's Raining," Irma Thomas
"Save it for a Rainy Day," the Jayhawks


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