WEDNESDAY: Burlesque Body at Continental Room

WEDNESDAY: Burlesque Body at Continental Room

Just the news you wanted to hear the day after Mother's Day...there's a burlesque show coming to town! But the only thing more intriguing than news of Miss Dakota's Burlesque Body show coming to The Continental Room is the question of how the hell they are gonna pull it off. And those of you who have ever seen the smoldering, half-naked acrobatics of Bronx-born performer Miss Dakota should be asking the same question.

Known as a featured performer at Forty Deuce Burlesque Club in Hollywood and Las Vegas, Dakota's qualifications in the field of 19th century titillation definitely speak for themselves. This Wednesday,  she'll be writhing, shaking and splitting to lush Latin grooves courtesy of Quetzal Guerrero and the Warriors. Banging on a mix of samba, funk and soul, this troupe of L.A. veterans returns to their OC stomping to add a soundtrack to this hump day striptease. And if you haven't gotten a chance to see them in action, you couldn't ask for a better opportunity. Besides, you can see how much fun the guy on the poster is having can't you?

Anyone who's seen a decent-sized Latin band spilling off the sides of the Fullerton venue's small stage knows that there is now way in hell that it will be able to contain a show like this without bleeding into the crowd. That's a good thing. If you are standing in front, it will be the most action at the bar you see all night so I advise getting there early. Check out this vid after the JUMP that shows Guerrero tangled up with Dakota in a duo performance I'd like to call "Sex and Violins". If you're at work, maybe save it for later.

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