Way Too Early Coachella Must-Sees

I wanted to be the first person in the blogosphere to comment on what bands you should see at Coachella. So here goes.

The Aggrolites -- LA's best white boy reggae/soul/funk band. They wear cool clothes and know how to throw a dance party.

Thievery Corporation -- Maybe you know them, maybe you don't. The only time I went to Coachella (hello 2003), I saw these guys and they were great. Killer dance/groove stuff. Or maybe that was the weed talking.

Superchunk -- They're still around?

Bob Mould Band -- Worth seeing for the off off off off off chance he plays "Everything Falls Apart," which I'd bet he won't.

The Night Marchers -- John Reis' latest band. Most musicians get shittier as time goes on. For some reason, he gets better.

Paul McCartney -- Duh.

Morrissey -- Hey Morrissey, shit or get off the pot. We want the Smiths.

Leonard Cohen -- My girlfriend would kill me if I didn't mention her favorite Canadian singer/songwriter.

Crystal Method -- Watch out for the brown acid, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnn.

Amy Winehouse -- Insert your own joke here.

The Cure -- If I was ever going to slit my wrists in a bathtub like some romantic noir flick, Disintegration would be playing in the background.

Public Enemy -- I'm fully aware that it's 2009, not 1989, but shouldn't their name be bigger on the flyer?


I reserve the right to add to this list up until the festival closes April 19.


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