Wanted: Photographic Proof of Trent Reznor's Baby

Mid-last year, the Internet was atwitter when it was announced that Trent Reznor and his wife, Mariqueen Maandig, were having a baby.

Watching Reznor win an Oscar for the soundtrack of The Social Network and catching a glimpse of Mrs. Reznor at the awards show reminded us that:

1) News outlets never got a birth announcement for the couple, and 2) We'd really like to see that baby because it must be really cute.

There are conflicting stories online about when his baby was born, but Reznor has referenced his child in recent interviews.
An LA Times story said of Reznor after the Golden Globes:

It was a rare night out for the rock star, who has a 3-week-old baby at home. "We have a baby that's becoming human," the first-time father said. "It's amazing stuff."

We think the Times is wrong; Mrs. Reznor was definitely showing a bump in papparazzi photos in July. Looks like Entertainment Weekly is more on point:

Speaking of kids, do you feel different now that you're a father? Has that changed the way you look at music at all?

Reznor: Well, it's only been a couple months, so I'm only becoming an expert at diaper changing, but ask me in a couple of years, once I get a healthy dose of morning kids TV in my system.


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