Too turnt up
Too turnt up
Julian Gutierrez

Waka Flocka Flame - The Observatory - September 16, 2014

Waka Flocka Flame The Observatory 9/16/14 Fueled by ratchet vibes and various substances, Waka Flocka Flame put on an energetic, enthusiastic set at the Observatory last night. The night was slow to start at first, with a mellow crowd and DJ KaliNDaMix bumping the current hits to bobbing heads and tapping toes. Eventually, Joey Fatts came on and warmed up the crowd, hopping around and performing songs mainly from his recent mixtape, Chipper Jones 3. Though he didn't come on until around 10 p.m., he elevated the night from a kickback to a rager, causing the crowd to jump in sync with the throbbing of the bass. The 22-year-old Long Beach native (and cousin to Vince Staples) isn't well-known enough for crowds to sing along constantly, but he injected some much needed energy into the room as a solid opening act.

Flocka finally graced the crowd with his presence around around 11:30 p.m. He turned the night up, creating a rave-esque vibe as he mixed wild freestyles with EDM remixes.This isn't too surprising, as he reportedly has an EDM album, Turn Up God, in the works for a release this year. Early in his set, with the lights dim, Flocka declared, "let's make this a rave!" and the crowd responded with twerking galore.

Flocka performed his new collabo track with Flosstradamus, Too Turnt Up, early in the evening. The main beat is a little more funky than typical EDM tracks, and lends itself well to Flocka's flows. "Can't turn down," sang Flocka and the crowd, as everything in the room shook with bass. The women throughout the crowd, as well as those on stage, shook every inch of themselves, gyrating in the flashing lights to Flocka's (and everyone else's) delight.

At one point a 12-year-old kid made his way on stage and was even given a microphone. Lauded for being a badass kid, he valiantly tried to rap along. Plenty of ladies made their way on stage as well, showcasing their moves for Flocka, his posse, and the crowd to appreciate.

Flocka hyped everyone up by freestyling, spitting bar after bar without pause. Following that, he got in the crowd, taking selfies with people and enjoying the ladies routinely flashing him. He took his time getting around the room, but greeted tons of fans like a turnt up man of the people should.

The Crowd: A colorful mixture, to say the least. The ladies brought the twerkage and the fellas brought the bud, making for a thoroughly enjoyable evening for all. No bad vibes though, which is certainly a drastic change from the last time Flocka played The Observatory. Everyone turned up hard, making for a great night for all.

Random Notebook Dump: Shout out to the stoners, who were out in full force and blazing hard. Also, props to the chicks who got onstage - y'all killed it for Flocka and he showed his appreciation in full. And shout out to Flocka, those freestyles definitely impressed me.

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