Voodoo Fix: 'Voodoo Describes What We Do as a Band'

Voodoo Fix: 'Voodoo Describes What We Do as a Band'

Voodoo Fix, made up of Abe Rivers, Scott P, Captain Willy, Demario Dunn and Doc Russell, mixes blues, folk, and funk in their debut, Not For Nothing. There's a record release party in Irvine's Anthill Pub (4200 Campus Dr.) today; check out how it was made and a pretty cool video after the jump.

OC Weekly: Why are you called The Voodoo Fix? How did you all meet?
We started as a blues band in college, playing covers of Howlin' Wolf and John Lee Hooker. Over time, we began to develop original material and started venturing into folk, funk, and everything in between. "Voodoo" seemed like an appropriate word to describe the blues and what we were doing as a band. Abe (the singer) pushed hard for the "fix." He took it from Allen Ginsberg's 'Howl.'

What are the main themes in Not for Nothing?
Familiar themes such as love, regret, interconnectedness and the proverbial road are all present throughout the album with a dash of debauchery. There's a lot going on there, from multiple view points.

Where was "I Awoke" shot? It looks familiar...
"I Awoke" was shot at the closest, sleaziest bar we could find--Slam Dunk in Whittier. It's not the first time we have played on that stage...(laughs). The bedroom in the opening scene belongs to the camera man and editor, Kevin Sun. The '78 Kawasaki motorcycle belongs to the gentleman who got slapped in the face.

Who do you think you sound like?
We sound like a band where every member grew up listening to different music, but somehow makes it work... Some songs you may hear traces of The Rolling Stones, and others you hear  '90s rock come through...it's an eclectic, but not necessarily comprehensive mix. The record takes a stop here and there with different sounds and styles.

Were there any inspirations for the songs in the album?
Not For Nothing
was inspired by relationships and their various forms--love, loss, sacrifice and triumph. For better or worse, we got to have them.

Do you like horror movies?
Horror movies are always enjoyable, so long as it's daylight out. But as a band we opt for classics and comedies. Tombstone is a band favorite. We each have a character that has become an alter-ego for us.

Catch the Voodoo Fix at their "Not For Nothing" Irvine Release Party, Thursday, 9 p.m., Anthill Pub & Grille, UC Irvine, C215 Student Center 4200 Campus Dr., Irvine.


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