Viva Anti-Radio!

Anti-Radio, the radio show that broadcast nothing but local bands for 15 weeks this summer, returns to the airwaves on Monday.

The show is hosted by Jim "The Poorman" Trenton, who earned his reputation as a KROQ DJ back in the day when that station's playlist wasn't put together by consultants. Anti-Radio returns as a simulcast over two stations: KYPA-AM 1230, whose signal is strongest in LA and the San Fernando Valley, and KMNY-AM 1600, which is picked up most easily in the Inland Empire and throughout OC. The combined signals should cut Anti-Radio's widest swath yet for a Monday through Friday, 4-8 p.m. time slot.

During its relatively brief summer run, Anti-Radio provided an outlet for often unheralded local bands from widely different genres-punk, reggae, rock, country, hip-hop-giving many of them what will likely be the only airplay of their professional lives.

For its first 12 weeks, the show was broadcast out of Orange-based KPLS. It then moved to KORG in Anaheim after KPLS switched to a Catholic talk format. After three weeks at KORG, a yearlong deal with KRLA appeared imminent. That deal fell through, though, and ever since, Poorman had been looking for a new home for Anti-Radio.

"I was pretty depressed and bummed [after it ended], wondering if I'd ever work again in America," says Poorman, who earns a steady paycheck by contributing celebrity reports to an Australian radio station. His new arrangement means that he'll be back at the mic for a while-he's signed to do Anti-Radio for at least the next year.

That time commitment means that Poorman should get the chance to do something that's been his goal all along with Anti-Radio: break hits for local bands. Also returning are Anti-Radio concerts, which he'll hold two nights each week at Hogue Barmichael's in Newport Beach. The first shows are scheduled for this Wednesday, with a lineup including Wayside, Ruby Diver, Afrodisiac, Spigot and the Verdicts. On Thursday, Dec. 17, spotlight the Angoras (featuring our own Alison Rosen), Dynamo Hum, All Day Wire and Loogie.

Poorman promises to keep his trademark whining and moaning to a minimum this time, something that plagued the show's summer run and became especially bad when listener call-in lines went dark. "I'm not gonna bitch as much this time," he says, figuring that with the wider audience reach, he'll be getting plenty of response. "With time, people are gonna catch on."

Send tapes and CDs for potentialAnti-Radio airplay to Poorman, 177 Riverside Ave., Newport Beach, CA 92663. Or give him a call at (949) 722-8785.

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