VITALLY IMPORTANT NEWS! 'Heard Mentality' Twitter Name Change!

Attention people of Earth: this is big. The official Twitter companion to this very fine blog has changed names, from the old and busted /heardmentality to the new hotness /OCWeeklyMusic.

Why the change? Essentially, concern that the Heard Mentality brand name might not (gasp!) be as strong as we all might hope, so people might be pretty confused when they hear they're getting followed by whatever the eff "heardmentality" is, and not wanting to follow such an admittedly vague commodity. So we've decided to fully embrace the OC Weekly name, while adding the crucial word "music" to really tie it all together. Ahhh. Goes down smooth.

You really should be following our Twitter, by the way. Find out what's happening on the blog--without even checking the blog! Also hear other hot hot news tidbits, chat with me (the most exciting part of all, natch) and follow along as we tweet from shows all over town, not to mention all the glorious, glorious live concert TwitPics. Cable news networks have been talking about Twitter non-stop recently in regards to the protests in Iran, do you really want to be less hip than Wolf Blitzer? Come on.


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