Viktor Vaughn

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Viktor Vaughn
Venomous Villain
Insomniac Music

Since his original group KMD dissolved following the death of his brother, British-born rapper/producer Daniel Dumile has kept it real—real weird. Starting over, he created his "supervillain" MF Doom, a rapper so bent on secrecy he began showing up to underground freestyle events with a stocking over his head, stunning the crowd—think 8 Mile—and then escaping out the back door. And Dumile's newest persona? Well, let's do a little back story: Victor Von Doom is the true name of Marvel Comics character Dr. Doom, and the good Doctor bears more than a resemblance to Dumile's own MF. So is Vaughn an alter ego of MF Doom? Or the other way around? Or does Mr. Dumile simply have multiple-personality disorder? "Doom on Vik" offers a disturbing diagnosis, with MF guest-appearing on his own album, enthusiastically complimenting Vaughn over 23rd-century-style beats and blips and discussing the similarities between his two creations: "The villain's everywhere! The villain's me; the villain's you!" Guest weirdoes include Carl Kavorkian, Iz-Real and former mental patient Kool Keith, who is without a doubt the most prolific rapper this millennium, finding time between projects to rap about his desire to urinate on your jacket during "Doper Skiller," a song trembling with the clammy paranoia of the last half of Scarface. Vaughn's (or Dumile's?) newest story is one you'll understand less and less the more time you spend with it—yet it's still a fascinating headfuck you'll want close by, just in case reality ever gets too real for you.


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