Videos: The Growlers Record Live for Daytrotter

Growlers-"Acid Rain"

In case this news got lost in your April Fool's Day shuffle last week, Costa Mesa ban the Growlers recorded some songs for 


, adding yet another notch to their ever-expanding hipster cred. They also made some videos of it. Well, someone did. Someone who doesn't know how to hold a camera straight.

The band recently recorded six songs at the music website's revered recording studio, "the Horseshack" in Rock Island, Illinois on April 1. It was posted along with one of those highly coveted cartoon drawings featuring lead singer Brooks Nielsen. The audio quality on the vids came out great, through the camera work is reminiscent of


. If you've got some time to kill, do yourself a favor and check 'em out. And if you're a prone to motion sickness, pop some Dramamine



 "Sea Lion Goth Blues"

"Old Cold River"

 "Empty Bones"

 "The Badlands"


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