Video: Willie Nelson Duet with Snoop in (Where Else?) Amsterdam

Video: Willie Nelson Duet with Snoop in (Where Else?) Amsterdam

Surely fans are excited to see Willie Nelson--country music's champion of the cheebah-- perform tonight with some special guests at the Grove of Anaheim. We're not making any predictions, but there's a pretty good chance Snoop Dogg could make a cameo. Don't laugh, it's happened before.Check out this video of this pair of iconic pot smokers performing Nelson's red-eyed rockabilly tune, "Superman" at the Melkweg nightclub in Amsterdam. Yeah... what a surprise. 

Since both Nelson and the Dogg Father have been bitten in the ass by the IRS in the past, it would be nice to see the two of them reunite on Tax Day to inhale some praise from the Anaheim crowd. Oh yeah, for those that remember yesterday's post about Snoop's curious red bandanna, this 2008 performance suggests he's been sporting it for a while.

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