VIDEO: Utility Box Art in Santa Ana

VIDEO: Utility Box Art in Santa Ana

Back in early November 2013, news of the chance for artists to display their own designs onto electrical utility boxes in Santa Ana spread like wildfire across artists networks in the city--not only for the glory of showcasing their art onto a public street with plenty of exposure, but for the stipend of $700. We'll get paid!

Artists are frequently up for producing commissioned public art, but this project was different--it became seen by the artists as a gesture by the city council towards realizing the importance of art in the community. After hundreds of submissions, seven artists were chosen to paint on their own utility box in the downtown area, in what may be the first wave of utility box art in the city. This project, after all, was an experiment, and the end results were a success.

Here, three local artists--Michael Ziobrowski, Dino Perez, and Kimberly Duran--discuss the process of working on their design, their inspirations and the need for public art. Enjoy!

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