Video: Townes Van Zandt Performing 'Waiting Around to Die' in 'Heartworn Highways'

I had a great phone interview today with singer-songwriter Rob Waller of

I See Hawks in L.A.

for a Q&A to run Jan. 18 in advance of the country-rock band's Jan. 22 date at Puka Bar, Long Beach. We got talking about all kinds of stuff including the 1981 documentary

Heartworn Highways.

It features Townes Van Zandt, Steve Earle, Rodney Crowell, David Allan Coe, Guy Clark, Steve Young and is essential viewing for anyone interested in outlaw country/Americana music. The clip above starts out humorous with Van Zandt "interviewing" the sweet old timer "Uncle Seymour." At 4:12 Van Zandt starts performing "Waiting Around to Die." It's a beautiful, poignant song made even more moving when you see Uncle Seymour shed a manly tear.


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